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Jun Cyber-Ed provides career track training to small and mid-sized businesses as well as non-profits to enhance employee's skills and development in cybersecurity, project management and other development areas.
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Ohana Means Family

Connecting Each Other

Jun Cyber Ohana is building a rapidly growing community who are interested in joining a community of like- minded cohorts, learn from other’s success with military to civilian transition training, build technology knowledge and certifications and gain career assistance from placement professionals to secure a meaningful position in the world of technology, particularly cyber security. With a military and cyber network of over 30K, Jun Cyber Ohana’s mission is resonating… we are a a non-profit organization dedicated to helping transitioning military, veterans and their spouses who are passionate about securing a position in the highly desirable jobs in cyber security. We plan to expand our mission to include other groups in need like black, brown and other minorities as well as those in career transition, especially due to the Covid Pandemic.
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