Finding Your Career in Cybersecurity

Dedicated To Transitioning Service Members and Veterans

This is the definitive course to sorting through the noise in the cybersecurity job search, from the bestselling author of Practical Cyber Intelligence. Cybersecurity is one of the hottest industries to get into. There is a need for both technical experts and creative problem solvers to help defend networks and keep pace with cyber adversaries. Whether you are tech-savvy or wanting a change of career into something challenging and exciting, Finding Your Career In Cybersecurity is a no-nonsense course to getting you there. This course emerged from the author’s firsthand experiences in helping students and military veterans transition into the cybersecurity job market. Sign Up Today!
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Wilson Bautista Jr.

Senior Instructor

Wilson Bautista is a retired military officer who is currently the founder of the consulting firm Jün Cyber. His expertise is in the domains of InfoSec leadership, policy, architecture, compliance, and risk. He holds multiple InfoSec and IT certifications as well as a Masters Degree in Information Systems from Boston University. He is an INTP on the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator test with a Driver-Driver personality. As a practitioner of Agile and SecDevOps, he develops innovative, integrated, enterprise-scale cyber security solutions that provide high value to businesses.

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